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September 17, 2021

Universal-Robots-Vectis-Welding-Cobotpasion com,At FABTECH…Universal Robots (UR), since debuting at FABTECH in 2017, continues to spread across the exhibition floor, with UR collaborative robots (cobots) on display and performing various functions at 19 different booths, plus UR’s own booth. At the UR booth, MetalForming witnessed the latest version of Vectis Automation’s Cobot Welding Tool, featuring a UR cobot. Heavy-duty welding tasks now are possible as Vectis Automation becomes the first UR partner in North America to develop a water-cooled cobot-based welding system in a new version of this tool (pictured and in video). The Cobot Welding Tool now comes with Vectis’ MultiPass software feature and ArcPilot through-the-arc seam tracking. The setup is compatible with Miller welding equipment and also can be integrated with Lincoln and Fronius equipment. 

Vectis Automation also pioneers the use of a UR cobot for hardfacing as shown in its own booth. The company debuted its UR-cobot-powered plasma cutting as well, featuring Vectis’ Cobot wwwixxx.com Tool and using Hypertherm’s PowerMax plasma technology to perform complex cuts on 3D shapes and large structures—an economical alternative to laser tube cutting.,top 10 sex

Industry-Related Terms: LASER
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Technologies: Pressroom Automation, Welding and Joining

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